The Fly Swat

December 14, 2015 admin

The players get a crash course in this classic century celebration…

The Skydiver

December 14, 2015 admin

Dave shares a potentially painful celebration with Brett Lee, Steve Waugh & Glenn McGrath for their consideration.

The Bear Hug

December 8, 2015 admin

Smithy and Warner lead the way, while Dave gets more than he bargained for with this crushing celebration.

The Waugh Dance

December 8, 2015 admin

Steve and Dave present some Waugh-inspired celebration ideas to the batting legend. Spoiler alert: ‘The Ice Man’ lives up his

The Pigeon

November 26, 2015 admin

Steve and Dave pay tribute to fearsome Aussie fast bowler Glenn ‘Pigeon’ McGrath with a flapping celebration.

The No-Hands Chest Bump

November 23, 2015 admin

Dave demonstrates this most macho of celebrations and gets on the wrong end of a Mitch Johnson ‘bouncer’.

The Ruffler

November 23, 2015 admin

Steve and Dave get some A-grade Aussies ruffling each other’s feathers. It gets messy for Mitch.

The Jump-Off

November 23, 2015 admin

Batsmen v Bowlers – who jumps it best? Traditional rivals go head-to-head in an ‘Oh what a feeling’ showdown.

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